HSC Biology Past Papers and Answers

Past papers are one of the best ways to study for the HSC, here is a master list of all the HSC exam Questions that have been. Keep in mind some questions in 2018 and earlier will relate to the old syllabus.

HSC Biology Exam PaperHSC Biology Marking GuidelinesVideo Solutions
2021 Exam Paper
2020 Exam Paper2020 Marking GuidelinesQ1-20 Explained
2019 Exam Paper2019 Marking GuidelinesQ1-10 Explained
2019 Sample Paper
2018 Exam Paper2018 Marking Guidelines
2017 Exam Paper2017 Marking Guidelines
2016 Exam Paper2016 Marking Guidelines
2015 Exam Paper2015 Marking Guidelines
2014 Exam Paper2014 Marking Guidelines
2013 Exam Paper2013 Marking Guidelines
2012 Exam Paper2012 Marking Guidelines
2011 Exam Paper2011 Marking Guidelines
2010 Exam Paper2010 Marking Guidelines
2009 Exam Paper2009 Marking Guidelines
HSC Biology Marking Guidelines
Edzion Trial Paper Biology 2021
Year 12 Biology Trial Paper 2020

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